Grounds Maintenance, Grass Cutting

Grass Cutting, Hedge Trimming & Shrub Bed area maintenance.
 York Council Grass Maintenance Oakdale

Grass cutting plant cutback services in Gardens and open spaces cutting back growth that has grown beyond their required size and maybe obstructing footpaths or access ways, Along with Grass Cutting shrub bed maintenance we can apply a wood chip mulch that will restrict the emergence of unwanted weeds.

Weed Control the application of sprayed chemicals to kill weeds these herbicides ad to other techniques such as strimmer operations.

Hedge Trimming & Maintenance

Mechanical & hand held equipment for the Cutting of vegetation with a ground flail or brush cutter.

Where the Hedges, vegetation, weeds and small trees are overgrown, obstructing or causing hassle or hindrance. Off cuts can be processed through our equipment for re application back on to the area to provide a natural mulch to assist in suppressing weeds. 

Hedges Cut Yorkshire Oakdale  Garden Hedge  Maintenance Yorkshire Oakdale

Chemical Weed suppressant

Herbicide application & weed strimming provisions.sing pre dosed volume Spray for the Application of chemical Herbicides to reduce or eradicate unsightly or problem weeds plants from a given space such as footpaths.and hard standing areas.

Weed Spraying North Yorkshire  Strimmer Works


 Site Clearance - Garden Jungle Busting.

 Garden Clearance Experts  Garden Clearance Overgrown 

Landscape management schemes

Removal of undesired vegetation & re instating with options for new planting schemes, including excavation, grading & seeding.

 Garden Clearup  Garden Landscaping

Grass Cutting - Management

Gardens, Open Spaces & Road Verge maintenance tasks, tree planting, Seeding, Fertiliser application & cutting programmes.

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