Terms & Conditions


The Company  [ Oakdale NE Limited ] on acceptance, by the client, of the quotation supplied [ verbal or written ] agrees to work in a competent manner, & in accordance [where applicable] to statutory & or other laws / regulations and directives, working in accordance with our company stated policies, protocols and procedures. regarding services provided Tree Surgery & Landscape Grounds Maintenance tasks, in regards to Tree works undertaken, shall be carried out inline with Bs 3998 2010, or to the clients specification. 

Quotations & Reports on findings, [ quotations remain valid for a period of 30 days ] other than where a material change to the specified works or change to site dynamics occurs, it is the responsibility of the client to notify the company of material changes to the specification or site dynamics prior to the agreed commencement date for works.

Material alterations such as site access or other complication occurring after the time of quotation may result in further charges or in some circumstance the severance of part or the whole of the agreement.

On receipt of the clients acceptance, Oakdale NE Limited will agree a timescale for the execution of works, this may be altered where such factors impact on the timescale, examples of such factors are adverse weather events or those beyond Oakdale NE Limited's control.

Those works which do not fall within a termed contractual agreement, would normally not commence until the 7 day standstill period has expired from quotation date to allow the client reasonable time to decide on their acceptance of our Quotation. The client may waiver this standstill period, where the need or desire to do so is evident.

To ensure the company does not cause unreasonable disturbance or damage the company may require the client to move such items as is practical, away from the works zone[s]. The client shall take such reasonable measures to ensure that the location of any property or personal property that cannot be moved such as garden structures or heavy furniture are identified to the company, that damage maybe averted by the removal of such items from the work area.

Tree works quotations are based on an assessment of the tree[s] from the ground only.

Underground- Overhead services. The client is to ensure that they make known and provide such utility plans or drawing to the company of any subterranean or overhead cables to allow safe execution of the required works.

Variation of agreement / works

Where required and where further agreement is made between Oakdale Ne Limited and the Client a quotation and extend of works can be modified to allow for further works.

Works maybe suspended due to discovery of protected habitat or wildlife, matters such as nesting birds, bat habitat.

Where matters arise that could not reasonably be known to the estimator & where this has a cost implication, then this will be drawn to the clients attention, any further costs for additional works or plant machinery such as ‘Crane hire’ would be discussed and only charged to the client at the cost incurred by the company.

Private covenant and protections in Law

It is incumbent on the client to make Oakdale NE Limited aware of any private covenant, or legal restriction to work such as Tree preservation or Conservation area status. Where this is not done, no liability shall attach itself to the company for any such breach that is reasonably known to the client. All relevant permissions should be obtained prior to commencement of works.

Payment Terms

On conclusion of works Oakdale NE Limited will invoice the client for the due amount + vat charged at the relevant amount, payment of the full invoiced amount is required within 14 days of the date of invoice, Oakdale Ne Limited reserves the right to charge interest on accounts overdue beyond this @ 5% of net per week.

Oakdale NE Limited, Townend Farm, Whitby Road, Easington, TS13 4NE, North Yorkshire.