Tree Surgeons - Tree Surgery

Tree surgeons based in North Yorkshire, who offer the professional tree maintenance & landscape services.

High standard tree & environment services. All of our services Tree work, landscape services, grounds maintenance or Weed control are provided across a huge range of settings from your Garden, Private or Public land, Highways maintenance services these are all delivered safely & effectively drawing from 17 years commercial experience.

As professional Arborist's tree surgeons & landscape Grounds maintenance contractors, We provide the very best, efficient and ecological solutions to resolve tree or vegetation related problems, providing professional solutions whether it be tree maintenance work, tree removals, garden maintenance or large scale works such as site clearance of Trees, vegetation and invasive weed species e.g japaneze knotweed.

Tree Specialists tree advice Planning & Risk Reports, Consultancy services Tree Surgery. Tree Felling & Dismantling; Tree Stump Removal; Emergency Tree work; by Fully Qualified; Experienced Contractors provided by a Quality accredited fully insured company.

Trees and the landscape often need more than remedial works such as tree surgery & garden maintenance works, it is important to recognise when it is prudent to remove potentially dangerous trees or those specimens that are unsuitable for their location.

Tree Removal where a trees size, condition or location require their removal whether by straight felling a ground based technique used in clear open unobstructed areas, though more commonly used is more technical operations "Tree Dismantling" where our experienced Arborists work collectively to remove the tree in sections using aerial techniques such as Cherry Picker - Mewp or a qualified Tree climbers accessing the tree and dismantling the tree from within the canopy with the direct assistance and help of the experienced grounds support team, who employ rope descent and material handling techniques.

Tree interventions Crown Reductions; Crown Cleaning; Crown Thinning; Our experienced and qualified arborist carry out works in a number of ways, where possible from the ground or by Cherry picker or by climbers accessing the tree using rope harness techniques.

Tree Stumps can also be removed by the use of mechanical stump grinding machinery, removing problem tree stumps to below the soil level.

We are commitment to the environment so we process unwanted Tree limbs, using specialist Wood Chipping equipment extracting these for future use as recyclable mulch or in the wood fuel market. Larger wood is transported onward, to be processed into Fuel wood logs for the biomass or home firewood market.

Qualified & experienced tree surgeons, with the knowledge & skill to safely carryout your tree work.


Our workforce are courteous, polite and diligent and we operate across North Yorkshire, Teesside, Cleveland & the North east of England.

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